I started my career in the tree industry more than 25 years ago. I started my career as a groundsman for a small family-owned business in Wheat Ridge. I spent the next few years moving to different companies as I went to college working on my associates, with the intent of leaving the tree business when I obtained my bachelor’s.  However, in 1998, I started working at another family-owned company in Lakewood and I stayed. I worked my way up in the company and ended up staying for 20 years. During that time, I acquired a passion not only for arboriculture but for the interactions I had with my customers. I am at my best when I am serving others and I am very excited to bring my passion and skill-set to this brand-new endeavor.                                                                                             

Bill Tillapaugh – Arborist


I started my career in the tree industry in 1997. With no arbor-culture experience, I walked into a small family business in Lakewood and was placed in an entry-level position, splitting wood. Over the next 20 years. I worked in every department in the company. Having an entrepreneur spirit, I quickly jumped on the opportunity to be partners with Bill. I now run the PHC and Snow division for Autumn Tree and enjoy mentoring the younger climbers in our company.                                                                     

Jaime Astorga – Plant health care specialist, Snow Removal manager


I started my career in lawn care in 2002 as an aeration technician as a summer job. Since then I have held every position in the lawn service industry from Application Specialist to Operations Manager and General Manager. Having worked for both a large-scale outfit and a small family-owned operation I knew that coming to Autumn Tree Lawn and Landscape was something that would fit me perfectly. Over my 19 years taking care of customers I’ve come to know that small local businesses allow you to truly take care of your clients and do what is needed for them to get the most out of their landscape and customer service experience. My focus has been and always will be helping customers to have a green, weed-free lawn they can enjoy and be proud of. 

Dave Marquez – Lawn care specialist/ manager