I started my career in the tree industry more than 25 years ago. I started my career as a groundsman for a small family-owned business in Wheat Ridge. I spent the next few years moving to different companies as I went to college working on my associates, with the intent of leaving the tree business when I obtained my bachelors.  However, in 1998, I started working at another family-owned company in Lakewood and I stayed. I worked my way up in the company and ended up staying for 20 years. During that time, I acquired a passion not only for arboriculture but for the interactions I had with my customers. I am at my best when I am serving others and I am very excited to bring my passion and skill-set to this brand-new endeavor.

Bill Tillapaugh

I started my career in the tree industry in 1997. With no arbor-culture experience I walked into a small family business in Lakewood and was placed in an entry-level position, splitting wood. Over the next 20 years. I worked in every department in the company. Having an entrepreneur spirit, I quickly jumped on the opportunity to be partners with Bill. I now run the PHC and Snow division for Autumn Tree and enjoy mentoring the younger climbers in our company.

Jaime Astorga