Plant Health Care


What are Biostimulants ?

Biostimulants are designed to help trees and plants in absorbing nutrients through soil.  Biostimulants support the development of beneficial soil microorganisms which also improves soil health. Healthy soil retains water more effectively and decreases soil erosion. Biostimulants are also extremely effective in preventing stress in plants, particularly abiotic stress, such as drought, salinity, low or high temperatures, and other environmental extremes.

Why Biostimulants?

As you know, Colorado has experienced some pretty wild weather patterns recently, so it would be safe to assume our plants have endured some unexpected stress. Biostimulants promote enhanced germination and root development, leading to increased vigor and greater stress resistance. For example… All this extra moisture has caused our plants roots to become soggy, therefore weakening them. The biostimulant will strengthen those soggy roots. Root strength is crucial to the survival of our trees now more than ever. The trees drank up so much water these past few weeks and have become heavier than usual . . . which ties us back to strong roots = healthy trees and a lowered risk of damage.

What’s the difference between Biostimulants and Fertilizers?

Improves tolerance against stressors
Uses and enhances nutrients already in the soil
Strictly organic-based
Does not contain harmful chemicals
Provides a solution for compact soil
Works slower but without damaging soil
Improves tolerance against stressors
Presents nutrients to the soil
Can be synthetic or organic
Synthetic contains chemicals that damage soil

Our arborists and plant health care (PHC) specialists can help you determine which is a better choice for your plants. It is also important to remember that biostimulants are not to replace fertilizers, they are meant to work together!

Take a look at this picture of a beautiful plant with and without biostimulant. The difference is incredible.

If you’re interested in learning more about biostimulants or wanting to incorporate them into your plants health care plan then give us a call or click here for an estimate.