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What is Fire Mitigation?

As more people build homes and neighborhoods continue to grow in areas with natural vegetation, wildfire threats to life and property increase. Fire mitigation is a set of plans and actions to protect people, homes and reduce the chance of wildfire damage. These plans and actions typically include; modification of structures on property or modifying the area surrounding structures. 

Defensible Space Guidelines:

Defensible Space Guidelines

As you can see from the diagram, there are many ways to protect your property from wildfires. Maintaining the natural vegetation surrounding your property, by pruning trees. Keeping structures at a safe distance from vegetation, and overall just maintaining your property i.e. gutters and grass, are all ways to keep you and your property safe.

Another great tool if you live in a forested area is to contact the Colorado State Forest Service. The foresters are available to home/land owners to answer any questions and provide assessments free of charge.

We also provide fire mitigation services here at Autumn Tree Lawn & Landscape. Our arborist would be more than happy to come take a look at your property. We can perform pruning and removals of plant material that could potentially be dangerous. To see more about our trim department or to request your free estimate click the link below.

Smokey The Bear

Let’s talk about preventing wildfires: 

  1. Pay close attention to weather and drought conditions. 

Avoid any activities that involve fire or sparks when conditions are hot, dry or windy.

  1. Build campfires responsibly. 

Select a flat, open location away from flammable materials, stay with your fire and extinguish it completely before leaving. Douse the campfire completely, it should be cold to the touch. 

  1. Keep vehicles off dry grass. 

A vehicle’s exhaust can reach temperatures of 1,000+ degrees, so avoid driving or parking on dry grass. 

  1. Have firefighting tools nearby and handy.

Fire extinguishers at home and plenty of water when outdoors.