Firewood Recycling



Starting on February 1st, here at Autumn tree, we will be expanding our services by offering firewood! 

We have been utilizing our new location in Wheat Ridge, recycling as much material as possible. Prior to begin building on this property we have designated sections of the yard:

Firewood splitting- We will be splitting and stacking cords of Hardwood and Fruit Woods for sale! We will have pickup (by appointment) or delivery available.

Our wood will be sold for both residential and commercial use, and can be used for cooking, heating and much more.

Burning Firewood

We will be offering logs 5 inches in diameter, a smaller size can be provided upon request. Our purchasing options include:

¼ Cord
⅓ Cord
½ Cord
¾ Cord
Full Cord

Our selection of hardwoods and fruitwoods:





Fruitwoods are a popular choice for cooking as they add flavor in the culinary arts. Apple wood is fantastic when used for poultry and pork. Cherry pairs exceptionally well with poultry, pork, vegetables, cheese and bread.  For smoking, pearwood has been described in the same way as applewood, particularly for salmon and game birds



-Russian Olive




-Oak mix


Hardwood is a better option for firewood burning, because it is denser and burns much longer and hotter than softwoods. It produces less smoke than softwood, making it easier to enjoy indoors, such as wood burning stoves. Each wood species burns differently, some burn longer than others, some even burn hotter than others. We measure this using BTU (British Thermal Unit).

Not sure what a BTU is? Stay tuned for our next blog as we dive deeper into this form of temperature measurement and how it can be helpful.