Lahaina Banyan Tree

In 1873 this Banyan tree was as a gift from missionaries from India and planted in Lahaina, standing only 8 feet tall. It has since grown extraordinarily over 60 feet tall with a quarter mile circumference and 46 major trunks. It is truly a remarkable organism. Over the years, residents have helped the tree to grow symmetrically by hanging water-filled jars on specific aerial roots. Its magnificence has represented a beacon of hope for humanity and has become the heart and soul of Lahaina. There is clearly more to this tree than meets the eye. . .

Lahaina Banyan Tree still standing amidst wildfire.

Today the Lahaina Banyan faces travesty. On August 8th, 2023 the Hawaiian Island of Maui became victim to relentless wildfire, it destroyed over 2,000 acres. It is currently 85% contained however the devastation remains. Hawaiian Governor Josh Green told CBS News “It’s like a burn victim itself- traumatized much like the town”. On Saturday, Hawaiian Senator Mazie Hirono visited the tree, saying an arborist on the scene was doing “everything he can” to help save the famous banyan. Hirono said she believes the tree is offering some optimism among despair.  

Tweet from Hawaiian Senator Mazie Hirono

All our love and support here at Autumn tree goes to our friends in Maui during this difficult time. We offer our deepest condolences to those affected by this disaster.

We would like to take this opportunity to raise awareness to tree preservation and appreciation to their incredible survival in our climate as it is today. Below is a list of ways you can help preserve and protect our trees in your day to day life.

1. Conserve trees and forests in your area.

2. Plant trees—the more the better!

3. Support forest conservation organizations.

4. Learn about forests, both local and global.

5. Buy forest-friendly (or certified) products such as shade-grown coffee.

6. Demand better labeling of products so you know if they are certified and sustainable.

7. Advocate for climate change solutions.

8. Visit forests often.

9. Teach kids about forests through books and outdoor exploration.

10. Share your love of forests with others.

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Banyan Tree

Together we can create a safer, happier and healthier earth for our tree friends and our human friends.