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Rose of Sharon

The Rose of Sharon also known as the Hibiscus Syriacus is a beautiful deciduous shrub that is native to China, India and East Asia but widely introduced around the world. We have an incredible variety of them here in Colorado, however the Japanese Beetle is a big threat to their survival and their presence in our landscapes. Many arborists and landscapers have begun to discourage planting Rose of Sharon due to its susceptibility to Japanese Beetle attacks. This is sad, not only because we love seeing these beautiful flowers in our environment but also because not enough people know about the available treatment options for flowering plants. 

“My favorite part of heading into fall, the Rose of Sharon’s are in full bloom, we know they attract Japanese beetles but we have effective ways to control them, if we stop planting because of that . . look at the beauty we’ll lose.” – Bill Tillapaugh

Acelepryn pesticide treatment for roses

Here at Autumn Tree, we know how to save your Rose of Sharon (and other Roses) from the dreaded Japanese Beetle. We use an Acelepryn treatment, that is nontoxic to pollinators and completely bee safe.

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Pollinating Rose of Sharon