What is winter lawn care? As fall begins to end, we should be winterizing our lawns so they can grow back luscious and green in the Spring. most times we don’t give our lawns enough proper attention prior to snow coming, even though winter is the easiest season to care for your lawn, we still need to do some things to support it the best we can during this time of year.

In a working frenzy, rushing to get to work, rushing to get home, rushing to make dinner, or run kids or grandkids around to or from after school activities…… who can prepare their lawn with so little time? if you didn’t follow fall lawn care winter preparations then, here’s some tips to get you thru the winter.

Before temperatures drop below freezing for extended periods, get outside and do these few things to protect your grass over the winter months:


This allows for nutrients and oxygen to get into the soil and reach the roots. When your lawn isn’t aerated, it becomes compacted and is unable to get those essential nutrients. The ultimate result is poor grass growth……  let’s face it we like our green lawns in the Spring and Summer months. Use your lawn care company for speedy scheduling. We know how critical it is to get outside and prepare your lawn for these cold months with all you have going on.


What is a bank mite you ask? These are tiny lawn spiders that feast on the the lawn a blade at a time. This doesnt sound very concerning but they can suck the moisture out of an entire lawn and go undetected until after the spring bloom. Consider getting bank mite treatments throughout the winter to avoid waking up in the spring to a dead brown lawn.


we recommend keeping your grass a bit longer in the summer. During winter months you want it to be shorter. Go about halfway down from your normal summer length. The point is cut it short enough that it doesn’t layover, but long enough that it doesn’t get muddy dead spots as. Cutting your grass shorter helps reduce lawn diseases and fungus like snow mold.


Overseeding is best done in the spring. This gives your seeds more time to germinate which takes anywhere from 4-6 weeks. As we reach November you may be wasting your time and money. There is another option if you think your lawn is a bit thin you can try dormant seedling. Dormant seeding is a winter lawn care exercising the practice of seeding the lawn late enough in the year, allowing it to sit over winter and germinate very early the following spring

  • Melting snow soaks it
  • Warming temps stimulate it
  • Nourishing spring rains keep it growing and rooting

The idea is to get a blade up on the seeding season.


Blow all your leaves off the lawn. Rake up any big piles of leaves to prevent rodents such as mice or voles from making homes under your lawn
Minimize heavy snow piles on the lawn. Lightly shovel off the top layer of deep snow

Pay special attention to where you are throwing salt /deicer  

While this seems like a lot, they are all pretty minor steps, that can be taken to help assure that your lawn awakes in the spring with vibrance, excitement and great energy to flourish over the next year. If you are interested in adding any lawn services to your current lawn program or want to request additional services to your annual lawn care plan, contact the office and we will get you a free estimate.