Every lawn is different. Lawns are complex and challenging to maintain. With our Integrated Pest Management Program, we provide the most aesthetically pleasing pest-free lawn. Autumn Tree Lawn and Landscape is here to keep your turf happy and green.

The fertilizer will be an extended-release, one-time application in the spring. The remaining applications will post-emergent weed control. What are the benefits you ask? We’ve listed them below.

  • Low risk of turf burning
  • Even/Sustained grass growth throughout the seasons (less mowing)
  • Less leaching into surface and groundwater
  • Less risk of feeding bad fungal problems in the turf (NRS Necrotic Ring Spot)
  • Deeper green color throughout the year

Colorado lawns need our assistance in retaining moisture. Revive applications help condition the soil with the proper amount of nutrients throughout the year. These applications greatly increase the performance of extended-release fertilizer. A proper balance of nutrients is vital for a healthy lawn.

Insect and fungal treatments are available. This will include spider mite applications throughout the year. Mite problems are no stranger to Colorado turf. We help control them with our lawn mite treatment.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions regarding the lawn program options. We look forward to working with you.


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